Appearances as Guest of Honor

Press Coverages / Mentions

Spanish newspaper featured photo of my Columbine design in their article
about the exhibition Mujeres de Papel in Zaragoza Spain, Dec 2016.

Mumbai local newspapers Lokprabha and another one, Dec 12, 2014, featured articles on Wonderfold 2014.

Newspapers The Cupertino Courier & The Sunnyvale Sun,
May 21, 2008 issues, featured a cover story on my origami work.
The San Jose Mercury News published the same article online.

QRSTUVWXYZ Stars model photo
appeared in June 2004 issues of
The Reader's Digest, Australia &
New Zealand Editions.


"Meenakshi Mukerji's work is both intricate and lovely. She's greatly respected in the origami world, one of the well-known world leaders in modular origami. Her books offer a nice exposition of the mathematical elements, but you're not being hit over the head with math lessons. You learn things without even realizing that you have." - Dr. Robert Lang in an interview published by San Jose Mercury News.

"Meenakshi Mukerji is one of today's masters of modular origami, designs comprised of multiple pieces of paper. She also brings her ingenuity and creativity to designs made from a single piece of paper. Among the most appealing aspects of her single sheet work is the way she subtly manipulates a purely geometric form to fold a flower, a leaf, a butterfly, or card suits." - Peter Engel in a foreword for Wondrous One Sheet Origami.

My Firsts in Origami

My first origami : Traditional Boat at age 5.

My first origami book : My Origami Birds, 1975.

My first society membership : British Origami Society, 1976, while still in grade school.

---- after a gap of 18 years ----

My first modular origami : Ornamental Omega Star by Michael Naughton, 1994.

My first modular origami book : Unit Origami Multidimensional Transformations by Tomoko Fuse, 1996.

My first website launch : This same website hosted on then web host Geocities, 1997.

My first single-sheet design : Pentagonal Lily - a variation of the traditional lily, 1998.

My first published work : Scaffold Vol 1 Issue 3, April 2001.

My first origami conference (as special guest too): Pacific Coast Origami Conference, Arizona, 2005.

My first published book : Marvelous Modular Origami, 2007.

My first international origami conference (as special guest too) : Xth Plener Origami Convention, Krakow, Poland, 2011.