Copyright 1999 by M. Mukhopadhyay
- all rights reserved

Tomoko Fuse modulars made with strips from Wonderful World of Modulars.
(This one is one of my all-time favorites.)

A cuboctahedron
by Natale Fietta.

Two Tomoko Fuse models from Wonderful World of Modulars.

Truncated Octahedron and Snub Cube with Windows from
Tomoko Fuse's Unit Origami Multidimensional Transforms.

90-unit Buckyball made with
a Sonobe variation.

Two views of Enigma Cube (left and center) and Proteus (right) by David Mitchell.

90-unit PHIZZ Buckyball
by Tom Hull.

Magic Rings by Thoki Yenn.

Strut Dodecahedron
by Francis Ow.

A Sonobe construction
with sunken faces.

Sonobe Variations with partly sunken tips.

Spike Ball (left) and Gyroscoped Cuboctahedron (center) by Rona Gurkewitz and 36 Isosceles Triangle
model (right) by Bennett Arnstein. All 3 models are from 3D Geometric Origami Modular Polyhedra.

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