2018 - Present

Copyright © 2018 -2020 by M. Mukerji. All models folded and photographed by M. Mukerji.

Nymphaea and Kamalika, 5/2020
Nymphaea and Kamalika (in Sanskrit) are both names of water lilies. The flowers in the designs are only slightly different from each other.

LoveMyHome 1 and 2, 05/2020Sweet Home 1 and 2, 04/2020

Trillium and Stylized Trillium, 03/2020

Design inspired by a walk in the wilderness.

Sand Dollars 1 and 2, 03/2020

Design inspired by Alphonsus Rouis' Sand Dollar.

Clover, Hydrangea, Andrea's Rose and other Hearts inspired by Shuzo Fujimoto and Francis Ow, August 2018
These color change hearts are a confluence of the works of two great creators. In a post, Francis Ow mentioned that he would like to improve his colored-in clover
heart with color change. My challenge began with that and I created additional ones with varying sizes of clover or hydrangea and changing their positions as well.

Tropical Leaf, 06/2018Aspen Leaves, 03/2018

Design inspired by Atsuko Kawate's Shining Heart.

Birch Leaf, 03/2018

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