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Dogwood Cube and Big Dot Cube (4/2015)

The units for both cubes start with the crossed box pleat. Paper: Corona Harmony.

Hearty Cubes, 6 and 24 unit assemblies(created 4/2014 - 8/2014)

Inspired by Fumiaki Shingu's Heart Sonobe and Francis Ow's Love Cube.
Two 24-unit assemblies: colored centers (left and inset) and colored corners.

Decorative Cubes (created 6/2014)
(Each from 6 uncut squares of Corona Harmony Paper. Hint: Start with blintzed windmill bases.)

Ornamental Cube (6/2011)

Showing various views, coloring and finishes. Hint: Made from 6 single-level Fujimoto Hydrangea.
(Note: White background photos were taken by Kedar Amladi.)

Cubes (9/2000)

Several views of the same cube with all six faces different. On the right is a table showing the six faces.
As one can tell, scissors have been used in these units, a small nip
for the first four faces and curved cuts for the last two.

Doodling possibilities

Two coloring schemes for the same model. The units in
these two cubes require small scissor cuts.

Cubes (4/2000)

(Cube photos by Rosa Sanchez)

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