Early Creations Gallery

Modular Design Gallery 1: 1997-2002

(My earliest designs)

Copyright 1997 - 2002 by M. Mukerji. All rights reserved.
All models designed and folded by M.Mukerji.

Sonobe Variation 7(Striped Sonobe), 6/2001

Sonobe variation 7 made with different widths
of the white side showing

Super Simple Isosceles Triangle Units, 6/2001

Various models using Super Simple Isosceles Triangle Units.
Sheet music paper makes great gifts for the music teacher

Twirl Octahedron, 3/2001

Two Views of the Twirl Octahedron

Windmill Unit Cuboctahedra and Cubes, 11/2001

Two Windmill Unit Cuboctahedra.

Three different views of a cubic assembly with six different face patterns.

Showing some of the faces.

Cubes, 9/2000

Several views of the same cube with all six faces different. On the right is a table showing the six faces.
As one can tell, scissors have been used in these units, a small nip
for the first four faces and curved cuts for the last two.

Doodling possibilities for above cubes.

Two coloring schemes for another cut cube.
Involves small nips.

Cubes, 4/2000

(Cube photos by Rosa Sanchez)

Sonobe Variation 6, 6/2001

A Bird Sonobe with 2:3 paper. This unit
is not as thick as Fuse's Bird Sonobe unit

Sonobe Variations 5 And 4 (Snow-Capped Sonobes), 1998

30 unit assemblies of my sonobe variations 5
and 4 done with duo kami paper

Sonobe Variation 3, 1998

36, 30 and 12 unit assemblies of sonobe variation 3

Sonobe Variation 2 (Swan Sonobe), 1999

Sonobe Variation 1 (Daisy Sonobe), 1997

30 and 12 unit assemblies of sonobe variation 2
6 and 12 unit assemblies of my
very first sonobe variation

Lily Ball

+ 12() =
In this model the assembly idea is my original.
The individual units are not my original.
It is a dodecahedron made of
Francis Ow's 120 degree unit with 5-pointed lilies
inserted into each pentagonal window.
This assembly idea is inspired by a Tomoko Fuse
model which has traditional 4-pointed lilies
inserted into an open frame cube.

A Scallop and a Cuboctahedron

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