Modular Design Gallery 8: 2015-2016

Copyright 2015-2016 by M. Mukerji - all rights reserved.
All models designed and folded by M.Mukerji.

Two views of Harmony, 9/2016

Alpha Centauri and Variation shown in 12-point and 30-point Star Assemblies, 8/2016


Dream Flower and Variation (variation in central flowers only), 7/2016


Whirlwind, 7/2016, and Pentakis Dodecahedra with Patterns, showing 4 variations, 6/2016


Starfish Rock and Majestic Mosaic, 6/2016


Whirlpool and Pentakis Dodecahedron, 6/2016


Tendrils, 6/2016

Sparkling Stars, 6/2016

Star and Stripes, 5/2016

Aquarius, 5/2016

Petal Sonobe and Variation, 5/2016


Fireflies and Variation, 5/2016

Each from 30 uncut 2:1 rectangles of duo paper.

California Poppies and its Sonobe Version, 5/2016

Each from 12 uncut 2:1 rectangles of duo paper. A 30 unit assembly by Charul Patil.

Tulip Garden and Frilled Sonobe, 4/2016

Each from 30 uncut 2:1 rectangles of duo paper.

Little Flowers and Variation, 4/2016

From 30 and 12 uncut 2:1 rectangles of duo paper.

Various Skeletal Polyhedra constructed with Floral Struts, 3/2016

Tetrahedron, Cube, and Octahedron

Dodecahedron and Icosahedron

Jungle Flower and Closeup of Flower Variations, 2/2016

Reminiscent of some sonobe designs but these are made with 1:7 rectangles

Carnation and Posy Sonobe, 2/2016

Carnation made with 1:4 rectangles and Posy Sonobe made with 1:5 rectangles

Spring Beauty and Fandango, 2/2016

Each made with 1:3 rectangles

Lotus Cube, 1/2016


Anuradha, 1/2016


Tulip Cube, 1/2016


Blooming Cube, 1/2016


Fanfare 2.0, 5/2015 Blooming Buds, 4/2016

A color change variation of the original Fanfare.

A color change variation of Paolo Bascetta's Hollow Sonobe.

Dogwood Cube and Big Dot Cube, 4/2015

The units for both cubes start with the crossed box pleat. Paper: Corona Harmony.

Patterned Skeloctahedra, 4/2015

These are all constructed out of 6 Sonobe Units

Hexahedron (Meenakshi Mukerji), Cube (Mitsunobu Sonobe), Octahedral Assembly (Ittai Hacohen).

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