Modular Design Gallery 4: 2006-2007

Copyright 2006-2007 by M. Mukerji. All rights reserved.
All models designed and folded by M.Mukerji.

Floral Balls, 9/2007

Layered Poinsettia

Zinnia, 7/2007

Sonobe Variation 9 (Flowered Sonobes), 3/2007


Various Flowered Sonobes in unbloomed and bloomed forms.

Icosahedra with Curves & Waves, 11/2006

Various Curved Icosahedra, regular (bottom left) and with inserts.

Flowered Dodecahedra, 10/2006


All four models are made with 12 pentagonal windmill bases and 30 inserts.

Dahlia and Geranium, 10/2006

Two views of Dahlia


Dahlia with petals curled in reverse and Geranium.

Windmill Base Models, 10/2006

Tuberose, standalone and in a ball (left) and Tuberose with curled tips (right).
Oleander, standalone and in a ball (left) and Sunburst (right).
Starburst (left) and Ixora (right), 3 and 6 unit assemblies.

Daylily and Waterlily, 9/2006


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