Modular Design Gallery 3: 2004-2005

Copyright 2004-2005 by M. Mukerji. All rights reserved.
All models designed and folded by M.Mukerji.

Blintz Base Models, 2005

Periwinkle Ball

Trillium Bouquet

Gypsophila Bouquet

Chrysanthemum Ball

Trillium Bouquet

Another Chrysanthemum
Trillium Bouquet

Impatient Ball

Trillium Bouquet

Gypsophila Bouquet

Chrysanthemum Trillium
in reverse colors

Closeup of Trillium
and Gypsophila

12 unit Assemblies

Cosmos Balls 1 & 2, 01/2005


Calla Lily Ball, 10/2004 and Shark Fin Sonobe, 9/2004


Patterned Dodecahedra, 6/2004

Eight dodecahedra with various patterns. The patterns have been obtained by minor
varitions in exposing the white side of the paper. The last one and the pair above it
are reverse coloring of the same design. It illustrates that even changing something
small can render quite a difference. Many many more patterns are possible.

Patterned Dodecahedra, 5/2004

Dodecahedra with various motifs.

Sonobe Variation 8, 5/2004

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