Some Of My Favorite Origami Websites

Anna Larionova's Origami - Lots of Kusudamas.
Best Math Art on the Web
David Petty's Origami - Lots of Wreaths and Rings.
Doug Jones' Origami - Lots of Kusudamas.
Ekaterina Lukasheva Kusudamas - Lots of Kusudamas.
Eric's Origami Page - Great page, lot of links.
Francis Ow's Origami - Modular Origami and Hearts.
Haligami - Spectacular Origami by Halina Rosciszewska-Narloch.
Helena Verrill's Origami - Sonobe model assembly help.
Ingeborg de Wolff's Origami - Great models and photos organized by books.
Jim Plank's Modular Origami - Gallery and lots of folding instructions.
Joost Langeveld's Origami - Gallery and folding instructions.
Jorge Rezende's Origami - Polyhedra Puzzles.
Joseph Wu's Origami - A nice origami page with links all over the world.
Krystyna Burczyk's Origami - Lots of modulars, specially twirls.
Maria Sinayskaya's Origami - Beautiful modular origami photo gallery and diagrams.
Mathigon - Mathematical origami page created by Philipp Legner.
Meenakshi's Origami - Modular and single sheet origami photo gallery and diagrams.
Mette Units - Modular origami by Mette Pederson.
Mio Tsugawa's Origami - Beautifully intricate kusudamas, glue/string used for most.
Natalia Romanenko's Kusudama - Beautiful kusudamas with lots of instructions.
Nicolas Terry's Origami - Wonderful origami site.
Origami Resource Center - All you want to know about origami.
Origami Spirit - A beautiful origami blog by Leyla Torres.
Paper Art Reproductions: Learn Origami - Lots of origami information, history, terms, lessons, and craft suggestions.
Paper Folding In The Office - A page on simple folding in the office and other resources.
Paula's Origami - Great page on "Knotology", Origami balls made from strips.
Pavilion of Polyhedreality - A great page on polyhedra with extensive polyhedral links. - Some origami resources.
Robert Lang's Origami - A wonderful page on origami as science, math, art.
Tanya Vysochina's Origami - Lovely kusudamas.
Tom Hull's Origami - An origami math page.
Tomoaki Yano's Kusudama Heart - Modulars and tutorials.
Ultimate Origami Resources
Valerie Vann's Page - Lots of Modulars.
Yurii & Katrin's Page - Oriland has beautiful presentation & graphics.

Some Origami Stores on the Web

Kim's Crane
Pixie's Origami Store on eBay
The Source at Origami USA
Paper Jade

Some Origami Books I Would Highly Recommend

Fuse, Tomoko Unit Origami -
Multidimensional Transformations
Fuse, Tomoko Quick And Easy Origami Boxes
Fuse, Tomoko Joyful Origami Boxes
Gurkewitz, Rona & Arnstein, Bennett 3-D Geometric Origami
Simon, Lewis & Arnstein, Bennett
& Gurkewitz, Rona
Modular Origami Polyhedra
Gurkewitz, Rona & Arnstein, Bennett Multimodular Origami Polyhedra: Archimedeans, Buckyballs and Duality
Kasahara, Kunihiko Origami Omnibus
Kasahara, Kunihiko & Takahama, Toshie Origami for the Connoisseur
Yamaguchi, Makoto Kusudama Ball Origami

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