Origami Souvenirs/Gifts I Received
Copyright 2012 - 2017 by Meenakshi Mukerji - all rights reserved.

I've tried to catalog some of the gifts and souvenirs I received from various origami friends I met at conferences or other places.

Hand painted papers from Hilli Zenz, Meditating Monkey from Sebastian Limet, Tessellation from Robin Sholz, Newly
published book from Paolo Bascetta, Plumeria from Naomiki Sato, Box and Wreath from Ella, Goblin from Alessio Minini,
Iimori from Melina Hermsen, Box and Rose from Silvana Mamino and earrings from Gioie, at 34th CDO, Tabiano Bagni, Italy.

At 2015 CenterFold Ohio Origami Convention: From Robert Lang his tessellation, from Jean Rishel a Tomoko Fuse Quilt,
and from Mimansa Wahia a miniature brooch.

At Wonderfold 2014 Convention in Mumbai: From Charul Patil a beautiful kusudama in a box and from the Mitras
Ganesh (Kamlesh Gandhi), Bird of Paradise (Padmaja Pradhan), Kusumita brooch (Kriti Shah) and Fractal Sakura (Maitrayee).

Various gifts from PCOC 2013, NM, including Star from Vicky Bolen and Hot Chili Pepper from Leyla Torres.

From Christiane Bettens one of her own designs and from Sara Adams an Eric Gjerde tessellation.

From Rachel Katz, Susan Wettling and Mae Dean Erb: various flower pins, from Leyla Torres: Yellow Jacket, from Koustubh Oka: Fred Rohm's
Star of David, from Evan Zodl: his Star Tower, and from John Montroll: his Propeller with color change. All collected at OUSA 2012, NY.

From child artist Anthony Tong: Flower Tower by Chris Palmer.

From Francis Ow: Various Heart Models from the heart specialist himself.

From Sara Adams: Kawasaki Rose and A Hexagonal Tessellation by Eric Gjerde.

From Michila Caldera: Zig the Bunny
by Cathy Wilimzig.

From Satoshi Kamiya: His Maple Leaf.

From Anne Tamaru: Pluto Kusudama by Makoto Yamaguchi.

From Halina Narloch: Rose Tessellation by Melina Hermsen.

From Krystyna Burczyk: Her Twirl Model.

From Barbara Mlynczak: Japanese Doll Note Card and Bookmarks.

From Marta Misiak: A Tessellation by Ilan Garibi and My Vortex Dodecahedron.

From Mark Kennedy:
A Decorative Lizard Brooch.

From Maria Jilling:
Daffodils by Hayashi Hirumi.

From Eniko Orient Kormendine:
A Twist Box.

From Florence Temko: Her Rooster and Dinosaur.

From Florence Temko: Her Santa Boot Earrings.
From Priti Hansia: Traditional Earrings.

From GATE students at Covington School, Mountain View: Thank You Note in a Box.

From Patty Grodner Peacock Box and from ?? Hexagonal Dollar Bill Box.

From Evan Lui: My Simple Cube made for a Veteran's project.

From Rosemary (Berry) Lyndall Wemm: Her Tile.    From Cathy Wilimzig: A Spinning Top.

From Diana Wolf: A Note In A Wrap.

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