Guest Gallery 2014
Copyright © 2014 by Meenakshi Mukerji, all rights reserved.

My Guest Galleries feature my own designs folded and submitted by guests. If you enjoyed folding any of my models,
you are welcome to email me a photo and I will be happy to post it. (Not more than 3 photos per folder per year please.)

Daisy Dodecahedron, Poinsettia, and Origami my Heart folded by child artist Charul Patil of Mumbai India, 11/2014.

Star Flower and Petunia Floral Ball folded by Carla Tieko Onishi de Godoy of São Paulo, Brazil, 10/2014.

Hearty Cube and Origami My Heart folded by Rui Roda of Lisbon, Portugal, 08/2014.

Flower Dodecahedron and Daffodils folded by Deepika Rao of Santa Clara, CA, 07/2014.

Flowered Sonobe and Gazania folded by Elly van Zundert of Oud Gastel, Holland, 07/2014.

Whipped Cream Star and Star with Spirals folded by Sarah Patterson, of Everett, WA, 07/2014.

Hollyhock and Octospiral folded by Jorge Jaramillo of Medellin, Colombia, 07/2014.

Various Sonobe Cubes folded by Sabin Bally of Basel, Switzerland, 05/2014.

Kusumita and Patterned Dodecahedron folded by Aditya Sengupta of Pondicherry, India, 04/2014.

Gaillardia folded from 3" and 4" paper, with and without color change by Michila Caldera of Rosamond, CA, 04/2014.

Cosmos and Star with Spirals folded by Tripti Singhal of UCSB, California, 04/2014 (Spring Break).

Vortex Dodecahedron and Flower Dodecahedra 3 and 5 folded by Ella Müller of Munich, Germany, 03/2014.

Various designs from Wondrous One Sheet Origami folded in miniature by Kira Hazen of Charleston, SC, 03/2014.

Lilies, Tuberose, Oleander, Hollyhock, and Marigold; all folded from 3" paper.

Abstract Flowers folded from 6", 4.5", and 3" papers respectively.

Kusumita and Card Suits; all folded from 3" paper.

Tuberose and Layered Passion Flower folded by Serena Cicalò of Trento, Italy, 02/2014.

Gazania, Hollyhock, and 5-Petal Lily folded by Paul Rawling of Scarborough, UK, 01/2014.

Abstract Flower and variations, and Octospiral folded by Dasa Severova of Slovakia, 01/2014.

Fractal Sakura, Octospiral, Marigold and variation folded by Christiane Bettens of Switzerland, 01/2014.

Fractal Sakura, Four-Sink Base Flowers and variation, and Octospiral folded by Michel Lucas of Nantes, France, 01/2014.

Icosahedron with Waves, Dianthus, and Dimpled Models folded by Benjamin Cheung of Seattle, WA, 01/2014.

Patsy Wang-Iverson of NJ holding my newest book and Abstract Flowers folded by her, 01/2014.

UVWXYZ Stars folded by Ali Bahmani of Roshana Origami Group, Iran, 01/2014.

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