Guest Gallery 2012
Copyright © 2012 by Meenakshi Mukerji - all rights reserved.

My Guest Galleries feature my own designs folded and submitted by guests. If you enjoyed folding any of my models,
you are welcome to email me a photo and I will be happy to post it. (Not more than 3 photos per folder per year please.)

Layered Petunia and Compound of Five Octahedra folded by Anna Alekseeva of Göttingen, Germany, 10/2012.

Pinwheel Dodecahedron and Daffodils folded by Anna Ladneva of Moscow, Russia, 10/2012.

Dimpled Model with Flowers and Patterned Icosahedron folded by Valentina Minayeva of Lugansk, Ukraine, 10/2012.

Dimpled Model with Flowers and RSTUVWXYZ Stars folded by Natalya Kaplun, of Dayton, Ohio, 10/2012.

Pinwheel and Vortex Dodecahedra folded by Ecaterina Vasile, of Slatina, Romania, 10/2012.

Curly Locks and Flower Star folded by Lyuba Maradudina of Ukraine, 08/2012.

Lyuba's use of Corona Harmony paper is quite effective for this model.

Vortex Dodecahedron and Dimpled Model with Flowers folded by Tom Gettys of Eugene, OR, 08/2012.

Pinwheel Dodecahedron, Snow Capped Sonobe (90 units) and Daisy Dodecahedron folded by child artist Natalie of Ohio, 07/2012.

TUVWXYZ Stars folded by
child artist Natalie of OH, 07/2012.
Poinsettia Floral Ball 2 folded by Serena LaVine
of New York, NY, 05/2012.

Icoshedron with Curves and Waves, and Starburst folded by Samanta A. Teixeira of Săo Paulo, Brazil, 03/2012.

Star Flower and Daffodils folded by Rebecca Harris of Ivoryton, CT, 03/2012.

Phlox and Dimpled Model with Curls folded by Byriah Loper of Lexington, KY, 02/2012.

Poinsettia Floral Ball folded by Claudia Calandra
of Bayreuth, Germany, 01/2012.

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