Guest Gallery 2006
Copyright © 2006 by Meenakshi Mukerji - all rights reserved.

My Guest Galleries feature my own designs folded and submitted by guests. If you enjoyed folding
any of my models, you are welcome to email me a photo and I will be happy to post it.

Primrose and Poinsettia Floral Balls submitted by
Leroy (Carlos Cabrino) of São Paulo, Brazil, 09/2006.

Sonobe Variations submitted by Leticia Albergaria
of Vitória, Brazil, 07/2006.

RSTUVWXYZ Star and closeup submitted by Ivan Hermida
of Mexico City, Mexico, 07/2006.

Sonobe Variation 3 submitted by
Addie Goodvibes of Japan, 04/2006.
 90 Isosceles Triangle Unit assembly submitted by 
 Sara Van Looveren of Antwerp, Belgium, 05/2006. 

Sonobe Variation submitted by Renato
Massaro of São Paulo, Brazil, 02/2006.

(Note the six hanging cranes)
Great stellated Icosahedron constructed with Isosceles Triangle Units
submitted by Martin Welch of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 04/2006.

Floral Balls submitted by Evgeniya Kupriyanenko of Haifa, Israel, 02/2006.

Bifloral Ball, Passion Flower Ball and Poinsettia Ball submitted by
Velásquez Olivas Aldo Marcell of Nicaragua, 02/2006.

Sonobe Variations submitted by my favorite origami student
Tripti Singhal (11yrs) of CA, USA, 02/2006.

Sonobe Variation submitted by
Ingeborg de Wolff of the Netherlands, 01/2006.
Sonobe Variation submitted by Marina Borges
of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 01/2006.

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