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The first Intersecting Planes model was a XYZ by E.D. Sullivan, but Tung Ken Lam's WXYZ model
was really the one that triggered the creation of a whole family of Intersecting Planes that followed.
Each letter represents a plane. Francis Ow made other variations to WXYZ as well as created the
VWXYZ series. Then there were other XYZs by various folders followed by the UVWXYZs.
Next came Mark Leonard's TUVWXYZ and now I have everything upto QRSTUVWXYZ!!!

QRSTUVWXYZ - 10 Intersecting Nanogonal Star Planes
designed by me.

VWXYZ with Motif
by Ian Harrison
RSTUVWXYZ - 9 Intersecting Octagonal Star and Cross Planes
designed by me.
STUVWXYZ - 8 Intersecting Heptagonal Star and Cross Planes
and Heptagons designed by me.
I designed these TUVWXYZ - 7 Intersecting Planes ( rectangular star planes,
spiky star planes and hexagonal planes) inspired by Mark Leonard's Gallery

UVWXYZ rectangles
designed by me

UVWXYZ reverse engineered
from Kamiya Satoshi's site

Mark Leonard's
UVWXYZ, Pentagonal Planes

VWXYZ Models, one from square paper and one from 2:1 rectangles.
The shortest limbs can be achieved with A4 paper, holding the
paper landscape-wise to make the initial cupboard fold.

VWXYZ Module (square planes)
by Francis Ow

WXYZ Module by
Tung Ken Lam

Two Francis Ow variations of WXYZ

XYZ Rectangles by Francis Ow

XYZ Diamonds by Francis Ow

XYZmbe by Nick Robinson.

XYZ Radiometer Blade
by David Petty

Tornado by D. Petty & F. Ow
(Note the spiral edge property)

Octahedral Cross
by Tung Lam

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