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Ten Interlocking Crystals.
(I made this model by borrowing ideas from George Hart, Francis Ow, Daniel Kwan,
Kawashima Hideaki and with tons of help from Rosalinda Sanchez.)

Second Stellation of the Icosahedron by
Dennis Walker.
Third Stellation of the Icosahedron - my 30 unit
version of Dennis Walker's 60 unit design.

Kawashima Hideaki's Crystal Module (Origami Tanteidan
#114, 03/2009). The polyhedron weaving property
is the same as Daniel Kwan's model below.
Six Intersecting Stars,
Robert Lang's Polypolyhedron #7,
designed by Francesco Mancini.

Two views of Daniel Kwan's Four Interlocked Triangular Prisms.

Daniel Kwan's Six Intersecting Pentagonal Prisms (left) and Kawashima Hideaki's Crystal Star
(Origami Tanteidan #106, 11/2007). Both share the same polyhedron weaving properties
and are enjoyable and challenging to make.

Compounds of Five Tetrahedra, 3 kinds: Intersecting Solids (reverse engineered), Peter's Snowflake
by Robert Lang (BOS #169) and Five Intersecting Tetrahedral Frames by Tom Hull & Francis Ow

Double Cubes: Two Intersecting Cubes
Frames by Francis Ow & Solids by David Brill

6 Intersecting Square Frames
by Jorge Lucero

Snapology Polyhedra by Heinz Strobl. A fun, must-make modular methodology,
good for any polyhedron. The units hold together almost as if by magic!

Polyhedron Kit Tetrahedron, Cube and Octahedron by
Miyuki Kawamura

These are some highly challenging mathematical models. The first 4 are by Robert Lang and
are named after the world's highest mountain peaks. For assembly help on these
as well as the FIT, Carlos Furuti has very useful VRML images.

Annapurna: 10 Intersecting
Triangular Frames

Makalu: 6 Intersecting
Pentagonal Frames

Gasherbrum: 4 Intersecting
Triangular Frames

Chomolungma: 5 Intersecting
Tetrahedrally Skewed Hexahedra

FIT: Tom Hull's
5 Intersecting Tetrahedra

6 Interlaced Square Frames
by Michael Naughton

Edge Units Gone Wide!

Francis Ow's Edge Units adjusted in width to construct solid Platonics instead of skeletal ones.

Francis Ow's Edge Units are wonderful for building various polyhedra. Shown here are the 5 Platonic Solid Skeletons.

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