Copyright © 2013 by M. Mukerji. All models folded and photographed by M. Mukerji.

Crane Fan designed by ? and Frame designed by Martin Sejer Andersen, each from single sheet  Braided Corona Star designed by Maria Sinayskaya
Crane Fan from single sheet but there is one cut. Frame insert separate.
 Eight incredibly simple units for such an intricate look.

Same Santa as below but with rounded button Spiralled Square designed by Ilan Garibi

Santa Claus designed by Peter Engel Jumping Poison Arrow Frogs designed by Michael LaFosse

The next two rows show models I folded at PCOC 2013 Convention, Albuquerque, NM.

Sheep designed by Beth Johnson (Waterbomb Tessellation Coat by Ron Resch) Hot Air Balloon designed by The Shumakovs

Hummingbirds designed by Michael LaFosse, Flower & Leaf by ?? $ Teddy Bear designed by Michael LaFosse, Kanji the Dog designed by Richard Alexander

Cube designed by Tomoko Fuse and its corresponding 3 and 12 unit assemblies Infallible Smile Generator designed by Tony King

Although it employs a lot of cuts, it is a very clever design and quite pleasing to make!

A variation of Yami Yamauchi's Fireworks

Rose Auditorium designed by Uyen Nguyen
A beautiful 6-unit design based on the Kawasaki Rose twist principle. You cannot just fold one!

Angry Fish designed by Bernie Peyton Luminescence designed by Aldo Marcell

Teabag Reindeer designed by Jun Maekawa
Lipton® Teabag Reindeers: Regular, Simulated, and Decaf twins! ... and another one ...

Sonobe Variations from 2x1 rectangles
I designed these only to find out that something similar has been previosly designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva and Irina Reutskaya.

Twisted Square Bowl designed by Hans Dybkjær and Rose designed by Phu Tran

Various Eight-Pointed Stars with color change designed by John Montroll Panda designed by Makoto Yamaguchi

Left to Right: Double Eight-Pointed Star, Magic Star, Two-Toned Eight-Pointed Star.

From two pieces - one for head and one for body.

Star Doris designed by Klaus-Dieter Ennen Bunch of envelopes by Gay Merrill Gross filled with goodies

Dahlia designed by Hajime Komiya and my version from different base
On the left of both photos is the
original dahlia and on the right
is my version, starting with
same size paper. The bottom picture
shows the respective back sides.

Here are some comparison notes:

  • Original is from Fujimoto Hydrangea
         collapse; my version is from 4-sink base.
  • Original has a larger finished size
         than my version.
  • Original shows no "seams" in the front
         but my version does at 4 locations.
  • Original shows color change at the
         back but my version does not.
  • My version is easier to fold than
         original with fewer folds.

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