Copyright 2011 by M. Mukerji

This gallery is being dedicated to the memory of my origami friend and mentor
David Petty, 12th February 1946 3rd December 2011.

Not Kawasaki Rose by Jeremy Shafer. Eight Petal Flower by unknown creator.

Bluebird Chick by Bernie Peyton perched on Fedora by Robert Lang.
Action Monster Envelope by Jeremy Shafer.

Firefly and Variation by Ekaterina Pavlovich (Lukasheva).

Elephant by Evi Binzinger. Elephant by Stephan Weber.

Heart Masu Box by Darren Scott and my Butterfly, Flower and Shamrock variations of it.

Leaf Note Card by Gay Merril Gross. Diamond with Spiral by Sy Chen. Nautilus by Tomoko Fuse.

Hexagonal Flower by Ligia Montoya and my pentagonal and square versions of it.

Stern Franziska by Carmen Sprung. Super Cootie Catcher by Tom Hull

Arabica and Robusta by Maria Vahrusheva.

Daffodils by Hayashi Hirumi. Mushroom by Vincent Floderer. Four Petal Flower by Grzegorz Bubniak.

Ibex by Robert Lang. Waterbomb Base Tessellation by Ron Resch.

Pre-final and final stages of Rose Tessellation by Melina Yureiko Hermsen.

Dahlia by Hajime Komiya. Octagonal Bowl by Vicky Mihara Avery. Pyramid Tessellation Box by Endre Somos.

Cats from strips by Roman Diaz. Bowl with raised bottom by Enzo Kazukuni.

Penultimate Cube by Jim Plank. Chatting and Flapping Chick by Masatsugu Tsutsumi.

Models by Maria Sinayskaya.

Little Roses.

Lotus Crown.

Little Unit 1.

Little Unit2.

Rose Sphere and Mini Roses Cube by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov.

Tsunami by Maria Vahrusheva, before and after "blooming".

Wildflower by Marcela Brina. Nymphaea by Katrin Shumakov.

Gekkin and Regenbogen by Maria Vahrusheva.

Andromeda and Sappho by David Mitchell.

Models by Ekaterina Lukasheva.



Helica, before and after blooming.

Rose Brooch by Toshie Takahama/Sy Chen. Cardinal by Roman Diaz.

Models by Maria Sinayskaya.

Fluffy Sonobe.

Clover Kusudama (reminiscent of Blutenball but sturdy without glue).

Etna using half square.

Etna using 2:3 paper.

Star Light Cozy Ornament by Sok Song and my spiralled variation of it on the right.

Dodecahedron Calendar by Tomoko Fuse. Sakura Blossom by Sok Song.

Adapted into calendar by Sara Giarrusso and Ramin Razani.

Sheetmusic makes great gifts for music teachers and musicians.

Hiroshima Cranes (traditional/Andrew Hudson).

Various origami as Christmas Tree Ornaments.
Left to right: Twirl Octahedron, Blintz Icosidodecahedron, Windmill Base Cube and Chrysamthemum Trillium.

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