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Flowered Sonobe by Tomoko Fuse,
plain and with inserts on one face

A Star from "Neat Origami
Objects" by Tomoko Fuse

Platonic Roses - Valerie Vann's
units & Leong Chit's idea.
Roses by Toshikazu Kawasaki, originals on the left,
new on the right with base by Joseph Wu.
Morning Glories by Tomoko Fuse from
Origami Tanteidan Magazine, No. 71(01/2002)

135-unit wreath based on a Fuse
exhibit in BOS, London

Cubes by Lewis Simon
and Bennett Arnstein

Omega Star

Tulip Kusudama
by Tomoko Fuse

Shells (single sheet & modular)
by Tomoko Fuse

Trifoglio Dodecaedro
by Silvana Mamino

Two stellations of the dodecahedron using
the Turbulence unit by Miyuki Kawamura

Dodecaedro Traforato
by Silvana Mamino

Penultimate Dodecahedron
with sheet music paper
(makes great gift for music teacher)

Dimpled Star Assembly of a
Sonobe by Tomoko Fuse

Dodecahedron from "Origami
Design" by Tomoko Fuse

Two minor variations of the Bowtie Sonobe
by Mette Pederson

Great Dodecahedron
by Jan Willem Derksen
Note: All photos on this page are stills from Panasonic PV-DV100 Digital Palmcorder.

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