Copyright 2000 by M. Mukhopadhyay

This page is dedicated to Carol Larson(1/1953 - 12/2000). She spread around the
joy of Origami like nobody else. She will be missed by many.

A Kusudama (Yamaguchi)

Blintz Icosidodecahedron
by Lam

Twister by Miyuki Kawamura
(5th Tanteidan Convention)

Twist Unit Model
by Valerie Vann

Trying to reverse engineer
Vann's Twist Unit, I came up
with this different assembly.

Another Twist Unit
Variation (60 degrees)

Kusudama by Ostren

Two views of a Kusudama by Yasuko Suyama
Aurora and Interlocked Rings
by David Mitchell

True Woven Dodecahedron
by David Brill

Irregular Truncated
Icosahedron (Fuse)

Star from World Unit
Origami (Mamino)

30 Unit A4 sonobe
model (Fuse)

Simplex 2
by David Mitchell

Simple ring from "Chinese Units"

A Star (Gurkewitz)

Portal Company Logo made with yellow orb and red tetrahedron

Company logo paper looks great on Robert Neale's Penultimate Dodecahedron! These dodecahedra
are made with logo paper from Plexus, Informatica and Portal. They make great gifts for bosses!

Note: All photos on this page except the last two are stills from Panasonic PV-DV100 Digital Palmcorder.

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