Origami Display Ideas
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Flowers and leaves from my book, Wondrous One Sheet Origami

Beautiful arrangement made by Teresa Montero Caņibe of Mexico from Wondrous One Sheet Origami

Arrangements of my Bird of Paradise Flowers and Peace Lily, and my Abstract Flowers
Beautiful arrangements made by Teresa Montero Caņibe of Mexico

An arrangement of my Bird of Paradise Flowers

Various Fractal Stars in Shadow Boxes.

A curio dedicated to origami!

Origami flowers in a wreath.

  Oribana (left) and Spiky Origami lying around.

Some Tessellation models framed: Andrea's Rose, 3-Level Clover and Hydrangea.

Origami in ornament tree (left) and on a pedestal (center and right).

Origami on tray and in jug.

Origami bouquet, origami in a basket at the fireplace and origami strung on a thread.

Origami hanging from ceiling in a corner and on mirror base and ornament hanger.

Origami hanging from ceiling, in the hallway and from ornament hanger.


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