Windmill Units
Copyright 2001 by M. Mukhopadhyay. All rights reserved.

For these models I only intend to provide hints and I leave it up to the readers to try out all possible models that can be built with these units.

All these variations start out with the windmill base. Instructions for this base can be found in lots of places on the internet including here. A little playing with these bases and you can come up with all the variations pictured on this page.

Two types of joining tabs can be used, twelve square ones can be used for cubic assembly or eight triangular ones can be used for cuboctahedral assembly. Contrasting color is recommended for the joining tabs.

These are different views of cuboctahedral assemblies.

Some more possible Windmill Unit variations.

Three different views of a cubic assembly. I became lazy and tried out six different types of faces in one cube!

And now for the closing note and some math, with the 6 different variations shown here you could make six different cubes and six different cuboctahedra. That adds up to twelve different models! Happy folding.

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