Super Simple Isosceles Triangle Unit
Copyright 2002 by M. Mukhopadhyay. All rights reserved.

1) After independently coming up with this unit I discovered that Jeannine Mosely came up with it as well.
2) The finished unit in step 5 can be used for constructing both the lesser and the greater stellated dodecahedra. But I've also suggested trimming of the paper for a greater stellated dodecahedron-like assembly with 45 angles at the tips. This eliminates too much overlap of paper at the tips of the assembly.

Here are some YouTube instructions by Karl.

30 Unit Assemblies: Greater Stellated Dodecahedron with 45 degree unit,
Lesser Stellated Dodecahedron with 36 degree unit,
Rhombic Triacontahedron with rhombic unit.

24 Unit cuboctahedral assembly

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