Copyright © 2016 - 2017 by M. Mukerji. All models folded and photographed by M. Mukerji.

Waterlilies in the morning and evening, 5/2017

A wreath and an arrangement of flowers created in the past few years.

Flowers secured on styrofoam base wrapped in green tissue.

Arrangement made by Teresa Montero Cañibe of Mexico

I Am With Her, 10/2016Flower Tessellation, 7/2016

Folding Instructions

Folding of the computer simulation below.

Flower Tessellations, 7/2016

A tessellation of my Flower Cube modular from 2009.

A computer simulation of how a larger number of molecules would look.

Flower Meadow Tessellation, 7/2016 Star Diamond Tessellation, 6/2016

A tessellation of my 2009 Flower Cube 2B modular.

Lotus Tessellation and Blooming Tessellation, 6/2016
A tessellation of my Lotus Cube modular

A tessellation of my Blooming Cube modular

Ornate Square Tessellation, and A Floral Tessellation inspired by the works of Tomoko Fuse and Shuzo Fujimoto, 6/2016

Anuradha Tessellation and Doorknob Tessellation, 6/2016
A tessellation of my Anuradha modular

Fancy Frog, 3/2016
(The mushroom is crumpled folding designed by Vincent Floderer)

Heliconia, Heliconia with Color Change, and Red Ginger, 2/2016
These designs are all work in progress and not final.

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