Copyright © 2013 by M. Mukerji. All models folded and photographed by M. Mukerji.

Various Octagonal Collapse Flowers (Gazania, Gaillardia, Rudbeckia and Abstract Flowers)
with color change, July 2013. Some transposed to other polyhedra as well.

Meadow Flowers, July 2013.

Logos of Various Companies in Pureland Origami, June 2013.

Top: Delta®, ANA®, Swissair®. Bottom: ABN AMRO® and Axis Bank®.

Top: BMW®, Mercedes Benz®, Mitsubishi®. Bottom: HSBC® and Chase®.

Top: CommonwealthBank®, AmeriSave® (simplified), Dresdner Bank®. Bottom: Citgo® and Chevron® (simplified).

4-Sink Base Flowers Marigold and Hollyhock, 05/2013.

(The Marigold design is inspired by Jorge Jaramillo).

Kusumita Derivatives: Playing Card Symbols, 02/2013.



Kusumita and its various derivatives, 02/2013.
Kʊsʊmita is a Sanskrit word meaning “blossomed”. The word is also used in the formal versions of
Bengali (কুসুমিত ), Hindi (कुसुमित ) and other Indian languages derived from Sanskrit.

Kusumitas folded with Corona Harmony paper, duo paper, green kami and red kami.

Kusumita Flower Variations (original on the right).

Kusumita Leaf Derivatives: Bael (Om Namo Namah), Philodendron, Shamrock, Four Leaf Clover and Shamrock 2.

Kusumita Butterfly Derivatives - the possibilities are endless.

Kusumita Flower variations.

Bael and Kusumita 2 made with tissue foil.

Ace of Diamonds.

Simple Diamond, you can make it stand.

Kusumita Derivative - Philodendron, and Butterfly Meadows® ware wrapped in matching accessories.

Looks like Four of Hearts in red kami.

Looks like Four Leaf Clover in green kami.

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