Copyright © 1998 - 2012 by M. Mukerji. All models designed and folded by M. Mukerji.

Fractal Sakura, created 11/2012.

This design is inspired by Shuzo Fujimoto's Hydrangea and Roman Diaz's Fractal Flower.

The reverse side of Fractal Sakura.

Fractal Sakura 2 - a minor variation with slightly tapered petals.

Another view of the Fractal Sakura.

Fractal Blossom, created 11/2012.
Fractal Blossom is a minor variation of the Fractal Sakura above.

My Variations of Ligia Montoya's Hexagonal Flower, created 2012/2011.
Ligia Montoya's Hexagonal Flower (left) and my pentagonal, square and octagonal versions of it.

Heart Masu Box by Darren Scott and my Butterfly, Flower and Shamrock Variations, created 2011.

(One sheet for lid and one for base per box.)

A Fractal Tessellation and Variation, created 2009.

While doodling with paper I came up with these 4-level and 5-level fractal tessellations. Later I found
out that it is nothing but J.C. Nolan's Andrea's Rose. I made the tips at the center point upwards.

A variation of the fractal.

A Square Grid Tessellation, created 2009.

Saar Star by Endla Saar (left) and my Flower Variations, created 2008.
The flowers have been obtained by making Saar Stars (left) and squashing the tips instead of sinking them and then curling the petals. Both sides
of flowers look nice. The color change is a result of either using harmony paper or folding two color papers of different sizes together.

Tuberose and Oleander, created 10/2006.

Tuberoses (red and pink on left) and Oleanders.
The Oleanders are pentagonal versions of the Tuberoses.

Pentagonal Lily, created 1998.

My Pentagonal Lily (right) is just a pentagonal version of the traditional Lily (left).
This was my first experimentation with paper other than squares.

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