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Fanfare (created 5/2014)

12 and 30 unit constructions of Fanfare.
Units from 2x1 rectangles.

Origami My Heart and Heart Petals (created 4/2014)
Although they look the same, Origami My Heart starts with squares and Heart Petals starts with 2:3 rectangles.
They have slightly different folding sequences, the latter being simpler. Hence I chose to give them different names.

Ornamental Omega 5 (created 3/2012)

My pentagonal version (left) of
Ornamental Omega Star by
Michael Naughton.

Ornamental Omega 5 Diagrams

Icosahedra with Curves & Waves(created 11/2006 - 2/2008)

Various Curved Icosahedra, regular (bottom left) and with inserts.

Left: Traditional flowers glued into a kusudama (3/07).
Right: A 12-unit Omega Star without sinks (10/06).

Lightning Bolt (3/2003)

Super Simple Isosceles Triangle Units (6/2001)


Various models using Super Simple Isosceles Triangle Units.
Sheet music paper makes great gifts for the music teacher

Twirl Octahedron (3/2001)

Two Views of the Twirl Octahedron

Lily Ball

+ 12() =
In this model the assembly idea is my original.
The individual units are not my original.
It is a dodecahedron made of
Francis Ow's 120 degree unit with 5-pointed lilies
inserted into each pentagonal window.
This assembly idea is inspired by a Tomoko Fuse
model which has traditional 4-pointed lilies
inserted into an open frame cube.

A Scallop and a Cuboctahedron

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