Modular Design Gallery 7: 2012-2014

Copyright 2012-2014 by M. Mukerji - all rights reserved.
All models designed and folded by M.Mukerji.

Compound of Five Tetrahedra, aka, The 47th Stellation of the Icosahedron, 9/2014

Inspired by Tom Hull's 1997 Challenge, revisiting the solid version of this compound a second time for a better solution. 60 units from uncut squares.

Flora, 7/2014

Juhi Sonobe and Variation, 6/2014

Decorative Cubes, 6/2014

(Each from 6 uncut squares of Corona Harmony Paper. Hint: Start with blintzed windmill bases.)

Gerbera and Variation, 6/2014

(Each from 30 uncut rectangles.)

Centaury and Columbine, 5/2014

(Each from 30 uncut rectangles.)

Fanfare, 5/2014

12 and 30 unit constructions of Fanfare.
Units from 2x1 rectangles.

Origami My Heart and Heart Petals, 4/2014

Although they look the same, Origami My Heart starts with squares and Heart Petals starts with 2:3 rectangles.
They have slightly different folding sequences, the latter being simpler. Hence I chose to give them different names.

Hearty Cubes, 6 and 24 unit assemblies, 4/2014

Inspired by Fumiaki Shingu's Heart Sonobe and Francis Ow's Love Cube.
Two 24-unit assemblies: colored centers (left and inset) and colored corners.

Sonobe Variation 10 - Curled Sonobe, 5/2012

The Sonobe unit never ceases to amaze. Here is yet another variation with curls, showing two views.

Ornamental Omega 5, 3/2012

My pentagonal version (left) of
Ornamental Omega Star by
Michael Naughton.

Ornamental Omega 5 Diagrams

Curly Locks, 03/2012

Showing two views. This model was inspired by Byriah Loper's Blooming Curls model.

Poinsettia Floral Ball 2 and Passion Flower Ball 2, 3/2012

My Poinsettia and Passion Flower Balls from 2003 with improved locks.

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